Finance and Legal Training

Our financial and legal training courses are usually requested by ambitious and growing companies who have identified that understanding and controlling their finances and basic legal position is critical to getting the future they want or perhaps more importantly, to not fall into one of many common traps associated with poor control or misunderstanding.

Business owners and non-financial managers are usually excited about their business - what we at the XYZ Training Group have found over the past 10 years is that by getting them really clear about their numbers; where they're going and how they are going to get there - marries that enthusiasm with a new found knowledge where they know, beyond any reasonable doubt that their enthusiasm can in fact be a reality, if they keep their finances under control and manage the process of having their legalities protected.

By demystifying and simplifying finance, and by taking away the fear and mistrust so many people have about accounts, our training courses provide business owners, book keepers and those new to business legalities with the skills required to help them create a solid financial structure in the  business and remove the fear associated with becoming embroiled in a legal wrangle.

When a companies finances are under control that business is safe from cashflow shocks, company owners feel more focused, relaxed and in control, knowing they can plan their future without the fear and stress of constant financial worry and uncertainty.

When a working knowledge of commercial law and contracts is understood, that person in the organisation can work without fear of that dreaded legal demand or threat and make an informed decision about how to handle the situation.

XYZ Training Group is one the UK's leading providers of Legal and Financial on-the-job training and our courses are all regulated and accredited by the appropriate governing bodies. From the basics to more advanced qualifications, whatever you and your business require in terms of financial or legal training, call us now on 0844 335 8882 and one of our training specialists can help you walk you through the process and learn what training it is that you require.